About Me

I am a story teller. I have always been a story teller. The tools I’ve used to tell those stories have changed over the years, but my desire to tell a compelling story has always remained deeply engrained within me.

My path as a story teller began as an English Literature major in college, which lead to a career in Education, which evolved into a career as a Social and Emotional Therapeutic Counselor. All this enhanced and nurtured my ability to really “see” the world around me, to listen actively and to pay close attention to more than just the visible. Those skills have allowed me to form a connected bond with the people and places that I photograph.

When I began to tell stories using my camera, I knew that I wanted to embrace the responsibility of telling each story with special care and absolute integrity. I strive to continually improve my photographic story-telling abilities so that I can honor and highlight the unexpected beauty found all around us, from the smallest things in Nature to the most important People in our lives.

I am a very proud member in good standing of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA).  I am constantly refining and improving my skills and growing as a Photographer so that I continue to reach forward in my profession.

I am client-centered in all that I do, always striving to ensure that every one of my clients has a fun and relaxing experience during their photo shoot, so that they come away with the feeling that they got more than they ever imagined from their experience.

Don’t just have portraits taken of your family.  Have portraits taken for your family.  It’s a lasting legacy of love to be shared and appreciated by your family for many years to come.

Every life has a story. Every place has a soul. I don’t just photograph things, I strive to photograph stories.

Thank you so much for visiting my site!

Carolyn Witherspoon