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By fairstarphotography on July 15, 2011

Summer in this city is hot…real hot, and very humid!  I always thought it was only a hardship on us humans, but today at the park I saw some valiant squirrels trying their best to gather nuts while trying to deal with the high humidity and unforgiving heat! 

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  1. Marriah

    Oooooh my goodness! I love me some squirrels and these shots are excellent! Brava! <3

  2. Nadia Witherspoon

    Lovely shots Carolyn, really all of them! The Old Richmond looks so surreal. The SQUIRRELS pictures are absolutely amazing!

  3. Nadia Witherspoon

    Amazing pictures!

  4. Ryan


  5. fairstarphotography

    Thanks Ryan!

  6. fairstarphotography

    Thanks Nadia for always spotting the cutest squirrels for me!

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