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Diamond C Stables

By fairstarphotography on August 5, 2013

Diamond C Stables is an equestrian oasis in the middle of suburbia.  In fact, unless you were given specific instructions for how to find it, you would probably never know that behind that large, wild hedge bordered by a patch of overgrown trees was a wonderful riding center, complete with a knowledgeable resident trainer and a collection of some of the friendliest horses I have ever encountered!  In fact, when Anisse’s horses see me point my camera in their direction – they seem to rise up a bit higher and pose for me!

Anisse runs a great center.  She is such an engaging lady, friendly and polite and very adept at making any greenhorn feel like a competent rider before they know it.  Her horses are well cared for and well mannered.  I particularly love that she teaches clients not just how to ride, but how to care for the horse, from brushing to saddling to cooling them down following a training lesson.

I’ve observed her giving lessons to folks that span the age range from very young children up to adults with the same level of compassion, competency and calm that you would hope a trainer would have for their clients.  She is a positive presence in the ring, always focusing on the positives of learning.  I found her to be very motivating.

Now, I live in Texas.  Horse country.  So you’d probably figure that we all know how to ride.  Not true.  But if I needed to learn, I’d want Anisse to teach me!  I’d want to make sure the person I was looking to for guidance and assistance, as I climbed up on the back of such a huge animal, was someone I knew I could count on to keep me and the horse safe, would give reasonable instructions and be knowledgeable enough to make me feel like sitting astride a horse’s back was the most natural thing in the world.  I think she does all that, and she does it really well!

Please enjoy these images from the Diamond C Stables, where you are always welcomed with a smile.

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