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The Artist

By fairstarphotography on July 12, 2013

I feel like I’ve lived the majority of my life hindered with the subtle awareness that I had an artistic soul – but I seemed to have no artistic abilities!

I tried in vain to find some form of artistic medium that I could do with any kind of skill or proficiency, but I seemed to be terrible at everything artistic – I couldn’t draw, paint or sculpt.  I couldn’t sing or play an instrument.  I had no keen sense of fashion!

Then one day I picked up a camera.  In that moment I became the creator, the director – the artist I had always longed to be.  It was a feeling of absolute euphoria that has never left me.  My camera is not just the tool of my professional life.  It is my artistic soul personified.

Every time I pick up my camera to shoot I feel that rush of insecurity, and that glimmer of hope.  I hope to always honor the profession of photography with competence and creativity, passion and knowledge.

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